Stolid glances of Phnom-Penh - រាជធានី​ភ្នំពេញ

In the last century, the city was standing out among mysterious destinations of a venomous Asia loaded with heady charms, intoxicating smiles, sweet tattooed skins and spicy dishes. Confused memories of some shades moods, shaped by wooden shutters, dozed by ceiling fans and unglued into the white walls and sheets, were vanishing into the brain, bedridden perdition and divine drifts.

All along those dusty boulevards, lined with whitish architectural mastodons looking like admiral ships with the past splendors scents floating in the air, the city had frozen in the mirrors of his history spells.

Absurd is moist, freezing in a smile. Daylights are slamming. They are sitting and watching the time passing by. In the obscure urban interstices, with no reason, one of these evening after the war, their faces are grinning in the glaucous light of the neon. An enveloping promiscuity is nestling in the shadows of the past and the remains of some colonial delights, where fearless glances were reflecting. Elsewhere on the streets plagued with silence and golden lights, some are languorously surviving.

Project made in november 2014 with Kodak TriX 400/135