Untold stories

Who are those islanders from this non-existent country? Which untold stories are their presence reflecting? What are telling us their half-closed glances and those black raven glows? What's about those facial features and which step of inner journeys are they suggesting ?

Uprooted refugees alongside a Republic in exile or muzzled victims of a continental fiction hammered like a rite, they are all sharing the same borderless island, seated on a distant air routes impasse and whose “characteristics as a limit” looks like a space-time fault. Indeed, time is not passing by here anymore and geography has absorbed those millions of ambitions broken by fate, those existences stunned by the anxious dream of the re-conquest of a glorified past, be it Sinicized or Japanese. All those destinies frayed and worn by illusions have been abandoned one by one, grip by ivy of this no name island whose beauty is bewitching.

In the streets of Taipei, where private and public spaces are mingling, for the ones who carefully observe, the presence of disastrous shipwrecks, abandoned expectations and harsh victories stories can be guessed, failure and achievement can be felt, while no one in the chancelleries dare to name the island exact location on the maps. Although, none of the island mysteries breaks while those faces are speaking volumes.