Hubert KILIAN [余白] has been Taipei-based French journalist from 2003 to 2016. In 1996, he bought himself an second-hand Olympus OM40-P with a Zuiko 50mm for 1,950 french francs only and read the 135 pages of Initiation à la Photographie by Louis Caillaud et Marcel Bovis, published in 1967 by Prisma-Paris. He then began his photographic odyssey. Fascinated by marks left through times on walls, he uses photography to blend past and present and to record his own emotions. For two decades now, he has been working to decipher the cities and to expose the relationship between the dwellers and environment that conditions and transcends them. Through this urban momentum, marked with lonely atmospheres, a stage for obsolete modernity and nostalgia, Hubert seeks to reveal the dramatic potential of this great spectacle of time and people passing by and of stones that remain. He has photographed Paris, Phnom Penh, Beijing, Kyoto and Seoul. By choice, Taipei is one of his favorite subjects. It’s a moody city which the elusive beauty is never given at the first sight. He has spent hours visiting every corner and meeting its people, to record their way of life, to track reminiscences of past and vanishing memories. Beyond the glimmering skylines and larges avenues, his work on Taipei is a journey into its deepest parts where lie the authentic visage of the city. In 2018, he has published "Visages de Taipei" at Happiness Culture publishing cie, followed by "Le Ventre de Taipei" published in 2021 by Locus Publishing cie. 

 Available for assignment in Asia-Pacific.



2001/04 : "Photos Made in Taiwan", Tout l'U. journal of University of France-Comté. No85. 

2001/05 : "Regards superposés" Besançon Votre Ville No247.

2011/02/15 : "Escapade nocturne au redlight district de Taipei" in "L'Art du Temps” by Aurélie Kernalégen on Radio Taiwan International

2011/05/03 : "The Beauty of Decay" on eRenlai, a monthly magazine about cultural, social and spiritual side of contemporary Asia.

2011/07/26 : "An Interview with Hubert Kilian" by Eric Setiawan for BLACK MAN RAY,an independent photography gallery based in Bandung, Indonesia 

2012-09-16/23 :  Villes-Mondes : "Taipei Ville-Monde, Snake Alley et Bubble tea à la Tour 101” on France Culture about the city of Taipei. Un documentaire de Alain Lewkowicz. Photographer Hubert Kilian is undoubtedly the most Taiwanese of the French photographers in Taipei. For 15 years, he has been pacing the capital after dark to capture on film the soul of a city of which he knows every corner.

2013/08/16 : "The Soul of the City" Natalie Tso speaks with French writer and photographer Hubert Kilian on Taiwan Today - Radio Taiwan International, English service.

2013/11/27 : "Minuit in Taipei" The China Post.

2013/11/28 : "French photographer Hubert Kilian is documenting the nocturnal life of Taipei". United Daily NewsTV-藝想世界-法國攝影師余白 記錄台北夜生活. 

2013/12/23 : "Photographer and journalist Hubert Kilian shares his experiences documenting the side of Taipei behind the glitz and the glamour".

2014/01 : "A French in love with Midnight Taipei", SNAPPP Lifestyle Magazine - No.21. SNAPPP 照玩雜誌 No.21 莫忘初衷。特別推薦:『法國人也著迷的午夜台北』余白鏡頭下的文化故事』.

2014/01/12 : "The slow dance of the Tien Institut under the lens of Hubert Kilian", Catholic Weekly. 耕莘文教院的慢舞盡在余白快門中. 

2015/06/02 : "Ports d'attache", saison 5/Taipei, TV program broadcasted on TV5 Canada, TV5 Monde, Arte and Discovery Asia

2017/11/17 : Program "Insides Arts" broadcasted by Public Television Service in Taiwan "藝術很有事 第15集之2:余白鏡頭下的台北" - 公共電視. 

2018/02/07 : "French photographer Hubert Kilian: Taipei is a city that you can’t found the limit" on Taisounds. 法國攝影師 余白 台北是個無法度量的城市. 太報 

2018/02/23 : "A foreigner shoot Taipei during 15 years and finally find its beauty" on Apple Daily, 蘋果日報 -【好攝片】老外拍台灣15年她強得很美麗

2018/03 :French Photographer Hubert Kilian” documented by ImageOne[One image is the co-organizer of Kaohsiung Photography Festival&media co-organizer of Taipei International Photography Festival]一影像一影像為高雄攝影節協辦單位,台北國際攝影節媒體協辦單位.

2018/02/17 : "French Hubert Kilian use photography to record Taipei’s flavors " on Yahoo News. 法國異鄉人余白 用攝影訴說「台北原味」

2018/03/23 : "Taipei  through the eyes of Hubert Kilian" Flâneur spécial photography on Radio Taiwan International

2019/03/04 : “Happiness in Taiwan, foreigners’ dreams” on FM 97.7 Radio Classical  -台灣幸福進行曲-外國人的台灣夢-古典音樂電台.  

2019/06/21 : "A french settle in Taiwan and document the Island in photos". KBRO Digital TV - 法攝影師來台定居 用鏡頭紀錄台北樣貌 凱擘大台北數位新聞.

2019/11 : « Kilian, un œil sur Taipei », documentary by director Jean-Robert Thomann produced in 2016 and broadcast on TV Vosges in 2019. 

2020/08/28 : "The foreigner Yubai walk kilometers to document coastal industrial and rural sceneries of Taoyuan" on newtalk" -良影一二》阿兜兒余白堅持徒步拍照 紀錄不鄉下又不工業的桃園沿海地景"-新頭殼

2021/03/19 :  "French photographer Yu Bai who like the rural industrial style records the beauty of Taoyuan's coast" China Times, 中時 : 偏愛「工業鄉村風」法籍攝影師余白紀錄桃園沿海之美

2022/01/28 :  "Following the lens of Frenchman Yu Bai, redefine the Taipei nighttime charm like in a dream" , Radio Taiwan International, 中央廣播電臺  - 跟著法國人余白鏡頭 重新定義如夢境般台北夜晚魅力

2022/03/25: “ It is not nostalgia, Yu Bai's Taipei belly” for the program Free dreams travels on Radio Taiwan International, 中央廣播電臺 - 夢想自由行 "不是懷舊 余白的台北之胃"

2022/04: “Photo-book "The Belly of Taipei": Through the lens of French foreigner, we take you to rediscover the Beauty of Taipei”  VOGUE TAIWAN

2022/06/09 : « Late Night Taipei under the Lens of French Immigrant / Interview with Photographer Yu Bai Hubert Kilian » The Voice of the Village - « 法國移民鏡頭下的深夜臺北 / 專訪攝影師余白Hubert Kilian » 村落之聲- 2022.06.09採訪編輯 / 劉修岑-城市移民Viliage Taipei



2012/01/28 : "Photographies of Hubert Kilian", at the Leica Club of Taipei.

2012/10/20 : "Photography, from Paris to Tokyo", Talk with Pr. Juju Fan [范如菀] from NUTN at the Floor 8 Contemporary Art Space (Taipei) for the exhibition of the photographer Olivier Yang [楊鎮豪].

2013/10/04 : "Perspectives photographiques sur Taipei" at the Taipei french bookstore le Pigeonnier.

2014/04/25 : "Perspectives photographiques sur Taipei" at the Alliance Française de Taipei.

2014/05/22 : "Photographies of Hubert Kilian" at Tamkang University [淡江大學].

2014/06/14 : "The Contemporary photography and the preservation of the photographic heritage in France"- Taiwanese Photographers Cultural Exchange Association [社團法人台灣攝影文化交流協會].

2015/11/29 : "Hubert Kilian photographic work" for the  Taiwan National University photoclub -台灣大學攝影研究社.

2016/01/28 : "Wandering visions of the History of Taiwan" at the European School of Taipei.

2016/10-2017/01: "Seeing a territory, inventing a paysage" , Workshop co-directed with Raphaële Bertho at National Taiwan University of Arts. 國立臺灣藝術大學.

2018/01/24 : Talk with the author Lu Hsiaoyu (呂筱瑜) at Lightbox for the launch of « Visages de Taipei ».

2018/02/01 : Talk with photographer Shen Chaoliang (沈昭良) at the Eslite Bookstore-Taipei for the launch of « Visages de Taipei ».

2018/02/04 : Conference at 众樂Lab/Taipei for the launch of « Visages de Taipei ».

2018/02/10 : Talk at the Taipei International Book Exhibition for the launch of « Visages de Taipei ».

2018/04/18 : Talk with photographer Chiang Lihua (姜麗華) for her exhibition Adieu Paris 再見巴黎再見. 

2018/05/12 : Talk at 小陽。日栽書屋 Bookstore in Pingtung for the promotion of « Visages de Taipei ».  

2018/09/08 : "24hrs Soapbox Lecture” 14:00-15:00 余白 Hubert KILIAN" at Taipei Fine Arts Museum: Cross-domain reading and writing: books ecology in Arts organized by Pr Chen Kuan-yi(陳貺怡)- 24小時的肥皂箱講「跨域讀寫:藝術中的圖書生態學」臺北市立美術館. 

2018/11/20 : Looking at Taipei, a 10 years attempt”, Soochow University photo club -SCU-Image - 東吳大學.

2019/03/25 : Lingering with Taipei與臺北纏綿” at Taipei Medical University photo club - 臺北醫學大學.

2019/04/17 : "Reconstructing the Scene: Urban Memory and Art Participation, the History of Heart village& Beitou, Taipei”, Workshop with the French historian Raphaële Bertho and Pr Chen Kuan-yi (陳貺怡) for National Taiwan University of the Arts College of Fine Arts; Interdisciplinary Research Group on Art History and Art Theory. 國際學術論壇「重構現場:城市記憶與藝術參與-國立臺灣藝術大學美術學院、美術系、藝術史與藝術理論跨領域研究群組.

2019/11/13 :To look at and to imagine Taipei” (看著台北想像它). National Chiaotung University NCTU - Cross-Sectoral Design and Innovative Technology Program-National School of Humanities and Social Sciences /交通大學跨領域設計與創新科技學程 - 國立交通大學人文社會學院/跨域學程.

2019/12/22 :Taipei’s fiction, back on 15 years of photographing” at Arts Space ANKO. 臺北 虛構-回望過去十五年在台北的攝影. 西園美學會所.

2021/02/21 : "The transformation and disappearance of Taipei city's beauty under the lens" at Forward City Foundation, Public Governance Lecture Series.前進城市論壇 - 鏡頭底下的台北 城市之美的蛻變與消逝 - 前進城市論壇 公共治理系列講座.

2021/12/08 : Talk on Taiwan photography with photographers Lee Ah-ming (李阿明) and Lee Chun-hsien (李俊賢) at Kuala-Lumpur photography festival- KLFP2021 吉隆坡攝影節 – 吉隆坡攝影節《穿越影像的温度-看与被看的有机组合》.

2021/12/15 :  ”The Evolving present of the Taoyuan-ese” , conference with 8 Taiwanese artists for the Graduate Institute of Art Studies, National Central University. 桃園性的現在進行式-當代藝術家座談會.國立中央大學藝術學研究所與會藝術家| 陳敬寶、 吳燦政、郭俞平、陳宣誠、梁廷毓、余白、蔡亦勳、林岳德.

2022/01/04 :  ”In the night of Taipei, Taiwan under his lens” , talk for THE STUDIO 一個關於藝術、美食與對話的平台.

2022/01/15 :  Dark nigh is not the negative of daylight- The Belly of Taipei”, 黑夜不是白晝的反面―《臺北之胃》新書分享會 with 呂筱渝 Lu Hsiao- yu, new book launch at Kingstone Bookstore à Taipei.   

2022/02/09:  The night, the butcher and the market”  夜晚,屠夫, 市場 with 陳斌華 Henri Pin-hua Chen, new book launch Le Ventre de Taipei at the Eslite Bookstore, Taipei.

2022/03/18:  « Le ventre de Taipei » with Ivan Gros for the launch of Le Ventre de Taipei  at the Taipei french bookstore le Pigeonnier.

2022/05/14 : « The Belly of Taipei » pour la librairie indépendante 「繫。本屋」, à Pingtung. 

2022/07/02 : Artist talk with two photographers Hubert Kilian 余白 and Shen Chaoliang 沈昭良 -兩位攝影家對談 余白- 攝影個展-臺北之胃/味 à la galerie d’art contemporain 1839當代藝廊 - Taipei 

2022/09/02:  «Hubert Kilian, The Belly of Taipei » 余白《台北之胃》Photobook Hour/Lightbox攝影圖書室



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2019/08 : series published for 5 days in the “photographer of the week” section in the newspaper Apple Daily (蘋果日報).   

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2021/08 : "My Taipei, my streets". 20 Taiwanese authors are writing about their Taipei memories. Edited by Hu Qingfang,編者:胡晴舫, illustrated by Hubert Kilian, published by Muma Publishing cie. 《我台北,我街道》20位作家書寫台北街道的全新創作,木馬文化ISBN:978-626-314-010-3

2021/08 : « In the pandemic silence of Taipei », photographic essay published by ASIE PACIFIQUE NEWS  

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Academic Quotes

2020 :Introduction to the History of Modern Taiwanese Photographic Art: 1850s to 2018” (2nd Edition) - Author: Jiang Lihua. Wunan Publishing cie- Publication: 25/10/2020- 臺灣近代攝影藝術史概論:1850年代至2018年(2版) - 作者 :姜麗華-出版社:五南出版日期 :2020/10/25. ISBN:978-986-996-200-1

2021:  “Street Photography ‒ Double-sided copying of perception and rights” / Yang Zhenhao Lifelong Micro-Learning Information Station No. 24 Taipei City Library July-September 2021 - 街拍 ‒ 知覺與權利的雙面複寫 文 / 楊鎮豪 終身微學習資訊站第24期 臺北市立圖書館 2021 年 7-9 月 終身學習活動

2021 : "Impression of Taipei: On the Photographic Vision of Wu Yiping and Yu Bai" -  Qiu Tinghao - Doctoral Program of the Department of Fine Arts, National Taiwan Normal University - 2021 Symposium "History of Art in Art Museums: the global flow of masses and knowledge " - November 13-14, 2021 - Lecture Hall, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. 臺北印象:論吳毅平與余白的攝影視野 - 邱廷浩 - 國立臺灣師範大學美術學系博士班學會動態. 2021「美術館中的美術史:群眾・知識的全球化流動」學術研討會- 110年11月13~14日 - 國立臺灣美術館演講廳.